We can also provide and install emergency call button systems which are a simple and effective way to ensure that any first aid incident is responded to in a fast and efficient manner.

The system consists of 3 components, call buttons, transmitters and pagers. The call buttons can be installed in as many areas as you require, the transmitter is compact and discrete and suitable for areas with poor reception. Then all that’s left is to assign each first aider with a pager that is lightweight and compact.

The Units
In the event of a first aid incident push the nearest call button which will send a message to all pagers, stating which call button has been pushed enabling the first aiders to respond to the incident very quickly.

  • Direct calls
  • Call to specific station
  • Stand down
  • Easy maintenance
  • 10 year guarantee
The Pagers

  • Individually programmed pagers
  • Leather case
  • Belt clip
  • Light weight
  • Shock proof
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Runs on AA batteries – (Early warning system for low battery – Duracel pro cell recommended)
The Transmitter

  • Transmitter range 2 miles available for large sites
  • Compact
  • Battery or mains operated
  • Suitable for area with poor reception
  • Guaranteed for 10 years